Create Clean Pure Sparkling Water Out of Thin Air….Literally!


Technology has brought us some really cool inventions and this has to be one of the coolest, yet most practical inventions to date. In a climate of dwindling water supply and growing population, leading to growing water consumption, this invention literally eliminates the issue of clean drinking water availability.

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) produce UNLIMITED, pure, delicious drinking water from just the humidity in the air!

Believe it or not, Earth’s atmosphere contains more water than it’s vast oceans. 8 miles straight-up of untapped atmosphere just waiting to contribute to life on Earth. Until now, it was a mere fantasy to harness that unlimited, and renewable natural resource.

EcoloBlue has created Atmospheric Water Generators that bring the previously unfathomable idea of limitless, sustainable, and portable hydration to the masses.

EcoloBlue’s AWGs are designed to work seamlessly with any power source including solar, wind, and gas-powered generators. So you can have limitless, pure drinking water anywhere, any time.

In the event of an emergency or disaster situation where there was no water available, even if you did have your own amazing water filtration systems, these machines can literally produce safe, clean, pure sparkling water out of thin air…they also have solar, wind, and gas-powered generator power options so that if there was no electricity either…still no problem.

For them to work at maximum production they do need 35% humidity in the air but will still produce at lower production levels with lower humidity levels. Depending on which model you purchase, the machines produce between 28-30 liters of water per day – that’s 8 Gallons per day – at 35% humidity in the air.

To find out what the humidity in your area is CLICK HERE Enter your zip code in the top right hand corner where it says “Get a Forcast”.

Water extracted from the moisture in the air is already relatively “clean” when compared to many other traditional water sources. But, in order to make it pristine, it is still run through 11-12 different filtration processes (depending on which model you purchase).

This company even has a 16 week layaway plan available so it’s actually really quite do-able for just about anyone!

This is one item that should definitely go at the top of your emergency preparedness items list. You can go about 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water and something like this literally ensures clean drinkable water for you and your family at all times!

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