Ideas for Maximizing Your Urban Garden Space


Growing some of your own food is something everyone should be doing these days. With the recent massive crop failures globally and increased demand for food worldwide, the current agricultural system that feeds the planet is simply unsustainable. At some point there will be a global food shortage.

Not everyone has the luxury of living out in the country and having their own yard where they can plant a garden so this article is about urban patio container gardening options.

When space is limited going vertical is a really great way to grow more in smaller spaces.

Here’s a really unique method of gardening VERTICALLY that is easy to build, easy to maintain, and most of all affordable! This system has a footprint of less than 1′x4′

To check out this site CLICK HERE

Another version of the vertical garden system is something you could also easily construct yourself:

It looks very simple to construct yourself but they do also have it on Amazon CLICK HERE

Here’s yet another version of the vertical garden:

Here’s a close up of plant holders and base:

For the Aria Vertical Garden System CLICK HERE

Another option for vining plants like pole beans for example would be obelisks or even simple stakes:

For Obelisks CLICK HERE

Another option is the tiered system…which is what I use on my own patio:

I use it without the liner trays so larger square 13″x13″ containers easily fit on the stand. It’s another method of square foot gardening. If you use typical shelving style then the upper containers block the sun from the shelves below but with the tiered system you can still go vertical while making sure each container gets full sun.

For the Tiered Stands CLICK HERE

A little more rustic and less expensive version is this one:

For the Wooden Tiered Stand CLICK HERE

Then we get into vertical planters:

Here’s a pyramid style planter that would be great for various herbs and perhaps baby lettuce and radishes as well.

For the Pyramid Planter CLICK HERE

Stackable planters work great too:

For the Stackable-Planters-Tier-Set CLICK HERE

For the Akro-Mils Stack-A-Pot CLICK HERE

For Stack-A-Pots CLICK HERE

For Nancy Jane’s Stacking Tubs CLICK HERE

Grow Bags Are another great option. They take up very little space and can be placed anywhere you want.

For This Style Vertical Grow Bag CLICK HERE

– A Potato Grow Bag

For Re-Usable Potato Grow Bags CLICK HERE

Then here’s some planters you could hang on a wall or over a door or railing:

For the Urban Vertical Hanging Garden CLICK HERE

Here is a really creative idea someone came up with using a piece of rebar and some standard clay pots for another version of a vertical garden…I LOVE this!

Here’s also a awesome book on square foot gardening that is very informative and a great read:

For the Square Foot Gardening Book CLICK HERE

As you can see there are a LOT of options for patio gardening even in small urban spaces so grow start growing some of your own food this year…not only is this a great step towards self sufficiency but your patio will look beautiful too!

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