NEW Storable Organics – A Healthy Way to Get Prepared!


I am really excited about this!!!

Mike Adams from the Natural News Store has created a new line of products to help people interested in healthy organic foods to get prepared with food saving and storage using organic ingredients, foods and superfoods packed in long term storable cans for smart and nutritious preparedness. With a shelf life between 2 – 10 years depending on the item.

If you read the labels of pretty much ALL of the storable food products on the market right now it’s pretty disgusting and not a way to take care of your self. Until now you basically had to make your own MREs and package your own foods for long term storage if you wanted anything healthy and chemical free.

With this new line it’s all packaged in #10 cans. They use BPA free bags inside the cans as well as oxygen absorbers to naturally extend the shelf life with no chemical preservatives.

Unlike most other storable food products these contain absolutely no MSG, no yeast extract, no autolyzed ingredients and no synthetic chemicals.

Storable Organics is the new resource for those who want nutritious organic foods and superfoods in a long term storable format at bulk food prices.

Here’s a list of the products they currently carry: (with more being added all the time)

Organic Chia Seeds
Organic Golden Flax Seeds
Himalayan Pink Salt
Organic Palm Sugar
Organic Rice Bran Solubles with Tocotrienals
Organic Whole Wheat Fettuccine
Organic Whole Wheat Penne
Organic Whole Wheat Spirali
Organic Spelt
Organic Quinoa
Organic Brown Rice
Organic Boku Super Protein (Rice Protein Powder)
Organic Boku Superfood
Spirulina Tablets
Chlorella Tablets

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