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Salt is an important item in our daily life and has some great uses in emergency preparedness as well…see my article 5 Uses for Salt in your Emergency Kit. For prepping purposes salt is one of the basics to stock up on, however, what kind of salt you use matters a great deal when it comes to your health.

In its natural form salt is not sparkly white or free flowing. Salt that is unrefined has a pinkish tint (or grayish tint if it is unrefined sea salt) because the minerals have not been removed. Commercial table salt that you find in the grocery store is highly refined sodium chloride.

The majority of the other 84 elements that occur naturally in unrefined pink salt have been eliminated. This leads to a one-sided overload of sodium chloride that in turn leads to all the well documented undesirable effects of diets that are high in refined salt.

Refined salt is actually primarily produced for the chemical industry. Sodium chloride is a necessary ingredient for the processing of many chemicals. Only 4 % of the refined salt produced is diverted to the food industry. It is made for the chemical industry – not people!

Pure unrefined pink salt contains all 84 mineral elements that the human body consists of in ideal proportions. All these minerals are in the perfect crystal matrix and ultimate ionic form (electrically charged) and are attached in a structure that makes the minerals easily accessible by our cells.

Our bones and enzymes are actually crystalline structures, so if you put something in your body that matches the body’s structure, it can easily be utilized and taken in by the cell.

Pure unrefined pink salt with all the natural minerals still intact is a wonderful way to mineralize your body. It is also, believe it or not, an antioxidant and it’s also the only antioxidant that works everywhere in the body.

Due to the immense amount of spare electrons that all of these elements carry in pure unrefined pink salt, they have great antioxidant properties. Once pure unrefined pink salt is introduced into the body, a profound regeneration of the cell membranes becomes possible. Other antioxidants are also enhanced in their effectiveness when pure unrefined pink salt is taken.

Refined sodium chloride on the other hand causes water retention, edema and swelling and can also lead to hardened deposits in the body, stiffening joints and blood vessels and increased cravings for sugar and alcohol among other things. Once refined, table salt is energetically dead and the body needs to use its own life force to somehow assimilate this substance.

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Peter Ferreira, author of the book “Water & Salt – The Essence of Life” performed a 2 year study on 400 people using pure unrefined salt. His findings were that, blood pressure can be balanced, calcium deposits can be eliminated, usable oxygen in blood can increase, red blood cells can be un-clumped and blood can be detoxified.

Also the full spectrum of elements that resonates with our bones and enzymes and builds bone marrow can be utilized, radiation can be neutralized, capillaries can become more elastic which increases blood flow, the entire spectrum of electrolytes that the body needs can be received, uric acid can be detoxified, a possible increase of elimination of heavy metals through the stool may occur and cravings for sweets can be reduced.

Those are some great health benefits of pure unrefined salt as compared to all the undesirable effects related to refined sodium chloride.

What type of salt you use on a daily basis really does matter….it can provide great benefits or harm depending on what type you use.

Using either unrefined pink salt or real sea salt are your best options although with sea salt you run the issues of toxic chemical contamination in sea water these days from radiation being dumped by the Fukushima disaster or all the millions of gallons of chemical dispersants from oil spills and other toxic wastes etc…which would then need to be refined to remove the toxic wastes from the salt defeating the purpose and making it a refined salt.

Pink salt is mined from pristine mountains (most commonly the Himalayas) with no need to refine or purify it….and it is a great mineral source, as noted above, eliminating the need to stock up on as many mineral supplements…so you can use more of your monetary resources towards other preps.

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