5 Uses For Salt In Your Emergency Kit


Having items in your emergency kits that are multi-purpose can save both weight and space in your emergency kit. Salt is one item that is a real multi-tasker and is also a simple, natural, non toxic product. I personally like himalayan pink salt as it has a perfect crystalline structure and is loaded with minerals and I don’t experience as much water retention and bloating when I use it for cooking but for an emergency kit any salt will actually work, however, the healthier option is either himalayan pink salt or real sea salt.

Table salt is highly refined sodium chloride. The majority of the other 70-84 elements that occur in natural sea salt or rock salt have been eliminated. This leads to a one-sided overload of sodium chloride that in turn leads to all the well-documented undesirable effects of diets that are high in refined salt.

Once refined, table salt is energetically dead and the body needs to use its own life force to somehow assimilate this substance. Himalayan pink salt contains all 84 mineral elements that the human body consists of in ideal proportions. All these minerals are in the perfect crystal matrix and ultimate ionic form. (electrically charged). So for this reason I would recommend for your emergency kit either himalayan pink salt or real sea salt that still has all the minerals intact.

1) Salt is great for itchy insect bites. It takes the itch out of the bite. Just moisten the insect bite with water and then sprinkle a generous amount of salt over the bite so it forms a little paste and let it dry. When it dries the salt will simply fall off of the bite but it draws out the itch and it’s a simple non toxic natural solution.

2) Salt water is also good to rinse off a cut or wound. It is highly alkaline with a pH of around 14 and bacteria can’t survive in such a high pH. It also works for sore throats and runny noses. At the first sign of a sore throat gargling with salt water kills the germs and creates too high of an alkaline pH for the bacteria to survive.

Same thing with a runny nose. Dip a Q-tip in the salt water and swab your nasal passage as high up as you can and it will kill the bacteria and dry up the nasal drip. Much safer than Zycam, which several people have reported a permanent loss of their sense of smell…that’s really awful! Salt on the other hand is safe, non-toxic and really works.

3) Use salt to brush your teeth. Probably not as pleasant as toothpaste but very effective. The salt kills the bacteria in the mouth and the salt grains scrub the plaque and tarter off of the teeth leaving the mouth germ free and squeaky clean. A friend of mine told me he grew up in the Philippines and his family didn’t have money for toothpaste so they used salt and he has never had one single cavity. So if you have a space issue and want to leave the toothpaste behind salt works great too.

4) Use salt to restore electrolytes. If you get dehydrated, take salt and water together. Your body will not properly rehydrate if you don’t take in sodium. But for this I would recommend using only himalayan pink salt or real sea salt….not standard table salt. If you’re low on sodium, your body will be forced to dump water to keep you from going into a state of hyponatremia (low sodium) which only leads to further deyhdration.

5) Use salt for cooking and seasoning your food. That’s probably the most obvious use of all.

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