Diabetes and Emergency Preparedness


Recently I’ve started receiving numerous inquiries from diabetics and family members of diabetics trying to get their emergency preparedness supplies in order if there are any alternative remedies for stocking up on insulin for someone who is diabetic. This is a valid concern for many diabetics…what to do if there is an emergency situation and no medical help at hand and no access to insulin supplies.

I do not know of any alternative remedies for insulin, however, a better option would be to simply reverse the diabetes for good and not need the insulin.

Big Pharma, in an effort to create lifetime customers of their insulin, has tried to create the mythology that once you are diabetic you are diabetic for life with no cure.

This simply is not true.

Many, many people reverse diabetes all the time. This is pretty well known in the alternative health world. It can be done in 30 days. This does require a change in the diet, especially for the first 30 days. It does require eating only raw alkalizing foods for 30 days. After the 30 days it does require eating healthy on a daily basis and staying away from the substances that created the diabetes in the first place.

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Another resource is Dr. Gabriel Cousins’ Reverse Diabetes Program. Dr. Gabriel Cousins is someone I have followed for many years and I really love this guy and all the books he has written. He is very well respected in the alternative health world and is quite world renowned.

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There is also a  new book called Diabetes Heroes that  you might be interested in.

It’s about a people who have conquered Type 2 diabetes simply by making some simple, yet very important, changes to their diet and lifestyle.  Today, these people are living normal, healthy lives – without diabetes medications.  Their stories are pretty amazing!

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Hopefully these resources can be of help to persons concerned with emergency preparedness supplies for diabetics and perhaps also change their life in the process.

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