Wind, Solar and Crank Powered Favorites for Emergency Preparedness


When it comes to emergency preparedness supplies I always try to find as many alternative powered items as possible. If there is some kind of emergency situation and you don’t have access to electricity and are depending on batteries or gas you could be in for some trouble if things last longer than expected and your battery or gas supply runs out….and if you think you’re going to be carrying around a year’s supply of batteries in your go bag…try picking up your pack and carry it for a few minutes and then you might want to rethink your strategy.

Here are some of my favorites…not all of them are for putting in a go bag…some will be for your home or car but at any rate they all use renewable sources of energy for their power source.

The Kinesis K3 Wind and Solar Charger

This is a pretty cool charger! It’s the first small sized wind charger I’ve seen. Well it’s actually a 3-in-1 tribrid, meaning it has the charging ability for collecting and storing power from wind, sun, or AC wall plug. It’s also extremely fast charging…..only one hour of exposure to sun and wind provides about 30 minutes of talk time, and over 300 minutes of mp3 music. The unit collects and stores power in the internal rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

The device, which measures about 3 x 9 x 3 inches, can stand up, lay flat or hang up. The durable unit includes a LED level indicator button, AC adapter, USB cable, storage bag, tips and quick-start guide. A handy storage area is hidden inside the device for adapter tips.

It has the largest rechargeable battery capacity of its class, a USB port built-in for adapter tips to charge various devices and also charges from any computer via USB and car cigarette-lighter with available USB adapter.

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American Red Cross FR160 Microlink by Etón

Talk about a multi-use product…this is it! This is a self-powered AM/FM/NOAA weather radio with flashlight, solar power and cell phone charger all in one! The crank or the sun will power this light, versatile little machine. You can tune into AM/FM radio or one of seven weather channels, so that you are in the loop, even if you’re off the grid.

An added safety feature enables you to tune into FCC and EAS public alert systems. A fully functional LED flashlight, the Microlink also functions as a charger for your cellphone in a pinch. So instead packing a separate flashlight, cell phone charger and radio…which takes up lots of space and adds a lot more weight… you can get all three items in one and no batteries needed.

For the American Red Cross FR160 Microlink by Etón CLICK HERE

Brunton SOLARIS 62 Watt Portable Foldable Solar Panel Battery Charger

This is a great portable solar panel for packing into a go bag. It has a multi-panel design and a power output of 62 watts, which is more than enough to charge a laptop , GPS device, or power a satellite or cell phone.

This solar panel has efficient, flexible, thin-film solar technology and can fold up fairly compact and has great portability. It works in variable conditions, including low-light wooded and cloudy coastal situations and fits into a go bag pretty easily. The dimensions: 52.5” x 30” open, 8.5” x 14.5” x 2” folded and weighs 1 pound.

It’s ideal for possible emergency situations where you would need to have a decent wattage portable power source on hand that’s also lightweight and easy to carry in a go bag.

For the Brunton SOLARIS 62 Watt Portable Foldable Solar Panel Battery Charger CLICK HERE

1800 Watt Solar Backup Generator

Now we make a big jump up in the watts from 62 watts to 1800 watts. This is a portable generator that wouldn’t quite fit in a go bag but will pack quite easily in the trunk of your car. It weighs about 65 pounds.

The solar generator can be set up in just a few minutes. Then, all you have to do is start plugging things in. It will run both AC & DC appliances anywhere… anytime.

There is no noise, no fumes, no maintenance and no fuel required.

The unit provides 1800 watts of electricity at peak power. That’s enough to run many appliances in your house….small refrigerators and cooking appliances, TVs, computers, furnace fans, power tools etc. The unit stores power and makes it available when you need it. The generator is recharged constantly by the sun allowing you to use the system and charge it at the same time.

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Solar and Wind Powered Atmospheric Water Generators

Also making the list is the Atmospheric Water Generator. You can go about 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water so this is one item that should definitely go at the top of your emergency preparedness items list.

These machines produce safe, clean, pure sparkling water out of the humidity in the air…they have solar, wind, and gas-powered generator power options so that if there was no electricity it can still generate about 8 gallons of water per day ensuring clean drinkable water for you and your family at all times.

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