Ensure Your Own Limitless Supply of Fuel While Reducing Landfill


This is something kind of cool that I stumbled across. A man in Japan invented a machine that converts plastic back into fuel. Here’s a couple of YouTube videos that show how the process works.

The recyclable plastic types that work for this machine are polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and polystyrene (PS).

These machines, which are already in use in Asia and Africa, convert household plastics into useable oils. The size of the machines vary from small (2 – 3 lbs of plastic per cycle) to continuous processing of multiple tons of plastic.

The largest machine will process 1200 Kgs waste plastic per day generating approximately 300 gals of oil.

Because the Blest machines use a highly efficient process, the cost of operating them is literally pennies per day. The type of oil produced in the reclamation process will vary depending on the types of plastics used in the recycling process.

Refining of these oils can produce a useable diesel product for operating a car or other machinery and equipment as well as kerosene and other oils while waste product is surprisingly low. Prices for these machines begin at around $15k for the smallest home sized model.

The next size up, the B-120, which is a continuous processor, handles 11 lbs of plastic per hour and generates 1.35 gals of oil per hour and starts at around $150k. (That means in an 8 hour day you would get 10.8 gallons of gas.) That’s a lot of work for a small amount of gas. You might use more gas than that just collecting the plastic.

So, at the moment, I doubt you would ever get enough fuel to recover your costs for the machine, or if it would be worth the time and effort to gather enough plastic, but you would be guaranteeing yourself a never ending supply of fuel should there ever be a fuel shortage and you could also feel good that you’re helping to eliminate landfill waste.

A scenario that might work would be a survival community that has 30 members that go in on it together and share the cost then each person would get one day a month to use the machine and have an entire month to gather up plastic….that would bring the investment down to about $5k per person.

This is a very eco friendly way to guarantee your own never ending supply of fuel.

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